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I'm not really a fan of pokemon but a lot of these are really cool

Soul Eater/Pokemon crossover where trainers are meisters and their pokemon are the weapons <--- I want the Lugia spear.

Various Pokemon as cool-ass weapons! Wish I could design stuff like these for GateKeeper! TwT I'm having problems with weapon/armor creation right now, and LoL dat 3DMetaGross, tho! XD:

Aggron, Metagross, and Jirachi - some of my fav pokemon, epic weapons Pokemon Weapons>> love how they just slip in SNK for metagross.

One who wields this sword (called Phapy) must never kill with it. If it is used to kill, the blade will be cursed for that person.

No. 222 - Corsola. #pokemon #corsola #lance #pokeapon

No. 222 - Corsola. #pokemon #corsola #lance #pokeapon