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Creepy Pasta, Sketch Art, Ben Drowned, Zelda, Marble, Granite, Creepypasta, Marbles, Legend Of Zelda

Creepy Pasta, Ben Drowned, Zelda, Fandom, Creepypasta, Legend Of Zelda, Fandoms

Wow. Eyeless jack. Ok wouldn't it be weird to kiss him 0-0

I wanna draw creepypastas but I suck at drawing can anyone help me find some books that I can learn to draw?

Jeff the Killer, Homicidal Liu, brothers, funny, text, comic, yaoi, kiss, blushing, height; Creepypasta

Jeff x Liu!] by on deviantART<<< HAHAHAHAH XD That better have been a joke Liu or I'm sending you to Offender ~Rose<==Holy Shit.

Creepy Pasta, Ben Drowned, Marble, Random Stuff, Fandom, Granite, Creepypasta, Marbles, Fandoms

No More of that Pathetic Mortality by IvyDarkRose

Nathan and Candy Pop : No More of that Pathetic Mortality

People dont understand us by EyelessJackie27

People don´t understand us. People dont understand us

Cweepypasta is a series of animation made by Lychee Chong, using Paint Tool SAI and Windows Movie Maker. It features the all time favourite Creepypasta chara.