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The Walking Dead

All these reasons, I know them... We need you back Beth... Without you who will have a better life? Who will have there dreams come true? Who will be finally happy again? We will always need you and love u Beth! - shailee lor the Emily Kinney fan and walking dead fan To: Emily Kinney

"You're gonna miss me so bad when I'm gone, Daryl Dixon." Beth & Daryl - FAVORITE fictional romance at the moment.

TWD 4x16

The Walking Dead finale.


glenn and maggie

Welcome to the Tombs

The Walking Dead


beth and daryl

It was worse than that... The Walking Dead season 5.

Daryl Dixon andCarol Peletier talking about what has happened to Lizzie and Mika ◆ Season 5 Episode 6

The Talking Dead - it's no wander he's embarrassed! funniest talking dead!!

The Talking Dead - funniest talking dead!

The Walking Dead and books. I never noticed what a big deal it is in the show

Lori Grimes - Dale Horvath - Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon - The Walking Dead

Yep. I'm sorry but deanas face. Regs face and carols in the backround just like "umhum somone just died, thats cool" LOL

Bad things happen when Michonne loses control of her sword

Daryl Dixon - Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead

Norman and Daryl Quotes.

The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Memes that live on after the characters and season ended. Memes are the REAL zombies of the show.

TWD+Big bang theory conspiracy

Mind = Blown

The Roommate Agreement. Sheldon's first roommate on Big Bang Theory was Glen from The Walking Dead.

Word! The Walking Dead & Love Actually

The Walking Dead funny memes

Covered In Snot & Tears? You Must Be Watching The Walking Dead