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Fragrant Lily Lilium Oriental Solution® from Netherland Bulb Company - Slender stalks topped with a cluster of large, exotic, fragrant flowers. Keep evenly moist once sprout breaks through growing medium. Grow at 55-60F night temperature. Fill pot with 1-2" of dirt, place bulbs in pot and finish filling. If planting multiple bulbs per pot, angle bulbs so top of bulbs are pointed towards rim to allow more room for blooming plants. Roots will develop along the stem for a stronger plant.

Fragrant Lily Lilium Oriental Solution® from Netherland Bulb


Passion Hydrangea - Hydrangeas are one of the most beautiful flowers. Inflorescence in the genus Hydrangea comes in groups. Hydrangea has long been a popular flowering shrub. The flowers are considered by many as Grandmother's old-time flower.

Gorgeous sunflower!!! Bebe'!!! Cute little hummingbird!!!

♥♥ MultiHued Sunflower for MINE! ♥♥ A Moment In Time Greeting Card by John Kolenberg - Sunflowers


Monarch butterflies return to the same patch of forest in central Mexico year after year, to pass the cool winter months crowded among the evergreens in sleep-like state. See these colorful insects in the beauty of their winter habitat.


Gladiolus 'Malika' light pink with hot pink flowers blooming plant garden designer bloom natural colors nature

Rose des peintres

~Rose Pink ~ Maurice Utrillo, named for the most prolific painter of Monmarte - Paris, France~


birthday girl - tall bearded iris for sale - irises on sale flowers roots tubers rhizomes. Pink or peach ruffly flowers.

i love this flower

Zinnia, Queen Red Lime by burpee: Exotic bicolor zinnia! - must plant this spring. I love zinnias!