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Limacina helicina, the sea butterfly, is a tiny mollusk that lives inside a dark shell and uses its "ears" as wings. Like its predator, the sea angel, Limacina has evolved wings in place of the normal mollusk foot. Unlike the sea angel, though, Limacina hunts with a big ball of secreted mucous, which it uses to catch tiny arthropods, bacteria and algae. Photo by Alexander Semenov. Story by Nadia Drake, wired.com  #Marine_Biology #Sea_Butterfly

These Are Some of the Most Otherworldly Creatures You’ll Find on Earth

Sea Butterfly (Limacina helicina) : This lentil-size Arctic snail has a translucent shell and wings evolved from its foot to keep it afloat as it drifts along the ocean currents and to trap plankton.

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|  “onder vleugels” (underwings) by Thea Tolsma 2009.  Backview.  Rubber inner…

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“onder vleugels” (underwings) THEA TOLSMA, 45 x 45 cm rubber, onyx, gold Miraculous objects They are not made of metal or glass, but of rubber.


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