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Kanekii ❤️

Kanekii ❤️

Kaneki Ken | tokyo ghoul

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww *insert thousands of w's here* I wanna marry him, guys, idk what wrong with me, jk idc i love him - Kaneki ken

All about Kaneki Ken!!!

Imagem de anime, tokyo ghoul, and kaneki ken

Tsukiyama is the most kawaii piece of trash I've ever seen I can't handle this

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I wanna thank who ever drew this. They deserved to have their hand shaken!

guess who's pre-ordering the volume in english which comes out in 124 days ;

▪ Uta ▪ ウタ ▪ Tokyo Ghoul ▪ 東京喰種- ▪

▪ Uta ▪ ウタ ▪ Tokyo Ghoul ▪ 東京喰種- ▪

The changes Kaneki went through just because he wanted to go on a date. Did he really deserve this?

Kaneki Ken _Tokyo Ghoul>>>>>at first i was like 'oh this is kaneki's transformation i guess.' and then i was like 'wait-- whaa *cry a lot*'