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Friends who don't get technology.

Similar situations: I watched the one with Jensen maybe six or seven times when Jared posted it and laughed till I couldn't breathe.

Omg i have to say that Misha is so hot with this #padahair, and look to Jensen. I can't handle with it.

Omg i have to say that Misha is so hot with this #padahair, and look to Jensen. I can't handle with it.

Be still my geeky heart! You hear that? That's the sound of me rolling away because this is simultaneously the greatest and most awkward post ever.

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Reminds me of William Shatner discovering GISHWHES. "Who is this Misha Collins? I read he plays Castiel, but he's not Nathan Fillion.

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Dad knew this was unfinished business for me. He sent me here to finish it." - Something Wicked. This episode broke my heart so many times i just wanted to hug Dean and make it all better.

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And I'm JAVERT!<--I am Loki, of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose! Half Human half Time Lord<---please I'm a fangirl. I win.

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This was probably one of my favorite moments in the show. Cas has NO verbal filter and Sam's face is just like, "Really man?

...and don't get me started on Mary...

Even John Winchester would've hated John Winchester. <<< I've been saying this for ages. << John Winchester is such a dick tbh

''The archangel Michael, with the flaming sword. The fighter of demons, holy force against evil.'' -Don't worry it will make sense in 3 years. This show and it's advance plot points, I swear

Always pin always

Supernatural Funny - That awkward moment when the demon that killed your family is nicer than your own father. <---- didn't Kevin encounter a similar situation with demon Dean and Sam being too nice to him?

-Ты напеваешь металику? -Это меня успокаивает. Сверхъестественное 1 сезон 4 серия

I love how Sam claims to dislike this music, but knows Metallica by Dean's humming. Dean's taught him well.