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i love how garnet picks peridot up like she’s baby simba. the circle of life and death and love and birth continues~>>>Are we not going to talk about the Yellow Diamond Giraffes?

I like this… make this happen, like NOW

If Steven gets a chance to free all of the Rose Quartz soldiers at Pink Diamond's Zoo, he should totally do it!

I thought it was cute... then I saw old Greg and I totally lost it. I was crying so hard

I'm usually not fond of the "Connie and Steven have a baby" thing, but this is pretty freakin cute thanks to Peridot.<< okay I'm crying Steven is holding a picture of rose.

If you didn't sing this then you are doing something wrong

God bless this picture! I needed this today! >>> We're watching The Sound of Music in my choir class, and when I saw this I just started singing it out loud.