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Omg this is me at Disneyland lol! Day at Disney - KristAnna by xxMeMoRiEzxx Cutest thing ever!

.Kristoff and Anna at Dapper Day! << They look kinda like Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

AU - KristAnna Kristoff is part of a barber shop quartet and Anna is the daughter of a wealthy business man who owns most of the buildings in town. And kristoff works driving the ice cream truck

Frozen. Hans is the sort of person who'd take a selfie instead of the group photo he was asked to take.<< Hans is me

23 Completely Hilarious Photos of Disney Characters Caught Taking Selfies

Jarida Week: Day 5, Timeless by Starwarrior4ever on DeviantArt

Jarida Week: Day Timeless by on DeviantArt _____ I don't ship it but this is heart breaking >.

'Zootopia' Official Spoof Posters. Lol

'Zootopia' Official Spoof Posters

Ignoring the fact that the characters are all supposed to be high school aged...but silly nonetheless!

If disney princesses went to high school

Funny pictures about If Disney Princesses went to high school. Oh, and cool pics about If Disney Princesses went to high school. Also, If Disney Princesses went to high school.