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**beauty by Maria del Socorro pinzon

Battus philenor (Pipevine Swallowtail or Blue Swallowtail) is a swallowtail butterfly found in North America and Central America. The butterflies are black with iridescent blue hind wings.

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Holly Blue

periwinkle moths: Beautiful Butterflies, Blue Butterflies, Polyommatus Icarus, Butterflies And Moth,

Thecla Coronata Exotic Hewitson Real Blue Hairstreak Butterfly From: Central America

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Daggerwing butterfly, Marpesia iole - found in Villa Lapas, Costa Rica.

Rare blue birdwing butterfly Ornithoptera Urvillianus blue male birdwing butterfly from Papua New Guinea

ORNITHOPTERA URVILLIANUS blue birdwing butterfly from Papua New Guinea a real framed exotic rare butterfly in a handmade wood and glass butterfly shadowbox insect collection picture frame.Butterfly Designs made in the usa.

Celastrina ladon

Spring Azure Butterfly (Celastrina ladon) - This butterfly can be found on the Catalina Island Lilac (Ceanothus arboreus) on the Pin before.