Cyberpunk Atmosphere, Future, Futuristic, Monitors, Deus Ex UDK Environment by ~karthikdevil on deviantART

A 7 Day UDK challenge that i took up in order to get back to my personal work. Deus Ex Human Revolution was an awesome game and i simply couldn't resist. Deus Ex UDK Environment

Subscriber's Vault: Terra Prime WIP Gallery - Album on Imgur

Subscriber's Vault: Terra Prime WIP Gallery

Sci Fi Interior 3D Model

enclosed, unease futuristic design that is another secret location that makes the actions of the characters seem a little bit more shady than they seem. the enclosed spaces and the repeated honeycomb design seem almost suffocating

Starship Bridge Interiors  3D Models

(this is a continuation of episode ** hours later, the whole team is in the front main command part of the ship ** Melta: we le.

Sci- fi art

Sci- fi art