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Ya puedes descargar Debian Linux 9 ( Stretch ) estable

Ya puedes descargar Debian Linux 9 ( Stretch ) estable

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The penetration test (PenTest) is a method that assesses the security of a computer system or network simulating an attack from a malicious source.

VPS hosting

For the purpose of this article, I will concentrate on 4 most widely used web hosting types, namely Shared Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server and Cloud Web Hosting

Glass bottle cutter. With all the empty liquor bottles we throw away, this would start a serious craft project

Kinkajou Glass Bottle Cutter

Fragmentar y desfragmentar un HDD en Linux - Linux para todos

text editor and basic IDE Geany Portable is cross-platform, GTK based Integrated Development Platform. You can work on simple text files, html, perl, python, NSIS and more with Geany. By using Geany Portable's built path-additions support, you can even configure Geany Portable so that Geany can use the compilers located locally on your flash drive. Bundled with a PortableApps.

Geany: a powerful and light weight editor for GNU/Linux

An NSA Cyber Weapon Might Be Behind A Massive Global Ransomware Outbreak

Anteriormente ya vimos un , hoy veremos una similar pero mas moderno y mejor terminado. %%% Para crear el formulario, usaremos un input con tipo file lo cual le permitirá al usuario buscar el archivo en su computadora. Para que el formulario nos devuelva un archivo es muy importante establecer el atributo enctype con valor multipart/form-data. Este formulario no volverá a cargar la misma página cuando haya terminado de subir el archivo, ya que no estamos indicando ninguna acción.

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