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Standing alone amidst the blizzard of falling petals, the Straw Hat Pirates' navigator uses her Clima-Tact to dispatch the pirates that raided

Paulie Dock One Foreman/Mast Specialist

and Dock One rigging and mast specialist at the Galley-La Company. Skilled at "Rope Action" using the Galley-La Company's special

Nico Robin Flame of the Revolution

She was freed from her imprisonment by Luffy's father Dragon, leader of the Revolutionary Army.


Straw Hat Pirates cook, looking stylish in his kimono. Sanji manages the nutritional needs of his crew, although he pays 100 times

Monkey D. Luffy Crew's Promise: 3D2Y - One Piece Treasure Cruise Wiki - Wikia

Monkey D. Luffy Crew’s Promise: 3D2Y

Monkey D. Luffy Crew's Promise: - One Piece Treasure Cruise Wiki - Wikia

Brook Cherry Blossom Hair

Decking out his afro with cherry blossom petals, The Straw Hat Pirates' musician practices his sword skills by slashing at the falling petals.

A little bit of straw of Roronoa Zoro gathered

A little bit of straw of Roronoa Zoro gathered- One Piece


A deranged man listed as number one on the “pirates we wish would disappear the most” list.


of the Kid Pirates. One of the "Worst Generation.

Sanji Chef of Love

Realizing Luffy's true intentions while in Kamabakka Kingdom, he sets out to learn the 99 vital recipes that form part of