Cress would be the most adorable little cinnamon roll pilot/Criminal<<nico internally panicking because he's convinced that he'll make everything worse in the infirmary and will obviously terrified at the idea of going to the underworld and on quests but he pulls it together because he's gotta be brave like nico and I just

Cress would be the most adorable little cinnamon roll pilot/Criminal<<<the first thing I imagined was Kai having Cinder's job as a mechanic and omg everything would freaking go to heck

Annabeth explains plot and actor inconsistenties in Sea Of Monsters :(

The inconsistencies in the PJO movies explained. Even though they actually did a pretty good job of covering these up in the movie.

Meanwhile I'm over here and I can't go to the bathroom without a blood sacrifice and blessing from Zeus

Haha never thought of it this way XD

I'm pretty sure the only reason Percy Jackson is alive is because the Fates are serious Percabeth fangirls.

*doublefacepalms* reposting just for that comment. Imagine if he could though....>>>€>lol

"The exchange involved a lot of yelling, death threats and high velocity pineapples." I love this fandom.

Sally: of course I don't blame you, Annabeth dear. You two: grounded. And when I say grounded, I mean GROUNDed. Me: BUT MO- Sally: DON'T MOM ME MISSY! NO COOKIES FOR A MONTH! Me and Percy: NOOOOOOOOOOO..

SO ACCURATE. and I love how Sally is the biggest Percabeth shipper! Harry Potter, Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus crossover

percy jackson headcanons - Google Search

Percy Jackson obsessions xD it's sad how accurate this is.