Harry Potter Origami Dementor | Tektonten Papercraft

It's the time of the year for posting spooky papercraft! Here is some Harry Potter origami: a dementor. In the world of Harry Potter, deme.

Following on from my two previous posts on our recent Harry Potter themed party, today I will share what we ate and drank, and the games we played. But you’ll have to read the next post to fi…

Harry Potter-inspired Birthday Party (Part 3, including games and refreshments)

Harry Potter wands!! Perfect accompaniment to your little one's Harry Potter or magical party. These are handmade so no two wands are exactly alike.

Just like Harry Potter, you can be magical with your own handmade magical wand! These are perfect for your Harry Potter or magical themed birthday party. No wand is exactly the same, so you can be sur

If your ever watching the Harry Potter movie and want to play a game do pin the scar on Harry!

If your ever watch the Harry Potter movie and want to play a game, do "pin the scar on Harry"! I did "pin the nose on Voldemort", lol!

Dragon Eggs Philosopher's Stone illustrations Jim Kay

Harry Potter: exclusive new illustrations by Jim Kay

Dragon Eggs Philosopher's Stone illustrations Jim Kay - I am a sucker for collections of things, like jewels or shells or butterflies or beetles - they just look so cook all together!

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Harry Potter Ministry of Magic Identification Card (free printable pages available) Turning this into a WWoHP planner for my family and will upload when done.

you can order a fanatastic customized letter from this person and he also has links for a template and the font so you can make your own. Thanks!

I’m a big Harry Potter fan. Can quote you lines from the movies. Favorite theme park beverage is pumpkin juice from Universal Studio’s Wizarding Wor…