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✈ En nuestra sección de #VentanasconEncanto hoy nos trasladamos a Los Alpes de la mano de André Vicente Gonçalves Photography , ¿nos acompañas? #VentanasPVC #Soluvent

culturenlifestyle: “The Beauty of Windows and Doors of Western Europe by Andre Vicente Goncalves Portuguese computer-scientist-turned-globe-trotting photographer Andre Vicente Goncalves previously.

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which door to open? Is the color and shape of the door indicative of what you will find on the other side? Or can you close your eyes and feel which one is right for you? I choose the purple one on the left side just below the corner.

Doors of the World - Photographer Andre Vicente Goncalves.

England: andre goncalves' 'windows of the world' and 'doors of the world' series highlight the culture and community of a place through architectural photography.

Évora, Portugal

Photographer Documents Incredible 'Windows of the World'

BoredPanda.  andrevicentegoncalves.com Photographs windows around the world.

I Photograph Windows Around The World

Windows of the World: Venice Photography by Andre Vicente Goncalves.

The Alps, Austria | by photographer André Vincent Gonçalves

Why These Photos of Windows Around the World Have Gone Viral

Portuguese photographer André Gonçalves started out taking snapshots of colorful windows in his native Évora; his "Windows of the World" project has since grown—and gone viral.