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this is where it ends

♀ Welcome to the Violent Esoteric Death of the enemy's fictional god [white jesus]. 4 Her Aboriginal BlaCKEMETHNIChrist Child [Lucifer = Osiris = Satan = LOS]… has Already Won tha' Revolutionary Mythological Battle for Los Atlantis [LA] ♀

kings military college year 7 deployment practice pack. used when the year sevens go on their first deployment practice for three days

Cillechazal "Why do you have so many weapons." Cassidy looked up at him, "I am the daughter of two of the richest and most successful scientists in the world and you are asking me why I have so many weapons? Really Damon, really?


She's worked for some of the biggest names including the Golden Trio, the Ballas, and even the Fake AH Crew.