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8 Important Rules of Gua Sha | MAED

Published on May 12, 2021
Last week I neglected my self and my skin and it shows!! So I’m starting this week off right! 💫 Gua Sha is not only about lifting and sculpting the face, it’s also a beautiful meditative practice of self-care. Have you tried it? What are you waiting for? Share your thoughts in the comments
    Gua Sha is a massage technique that lifts & firms the skin, promotes healthy circulation & lymphatic drainage, relieves jaw pain, brightens complexion, reduces puffiness & diminishes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
      Have you ever tried Gua Sha? Save this post for how-to, then incorporate this into your self-care routine or skin care routine at least 3x this week.
        How To Do It?
          1. Apply your favorite face oil. This is a MUST, it helps your stone glide effortlessly.
            2. Start with your neck. Work up towards your chin for a lifting massage, work down towards your collarbone for lymphatic drainage. Use medium pressure. Repeat on all sides of your neck 3-5 times.
              3. Gently glide the stone up the center of your throat towards your face, along the the soft area under your chin, 3 times. Use light pressure.
                4. Switch to the smaller side of your stone & sweep it from the corner of the nose out to the middle of the ear. Use a comfortable pressure. Repeat 3-5 times along both cheeks.
                  5. Be delicate when massaging the under eye area. Glide the stone over the under 👁 area out towards the hairline. Repeat 5 times to melt lines away.
                    6. Sweep the stone over the inner eyebrow, out & down toward the temple. Avoid the actual 👁/eye lid. Repeat 3-5 times with light pressure.
                      7. Wiggle the flat or combed edge (3-5 times) in between the brows up towards the hairline. Use swift side-to-side movements. Say goodbye to forehead lines & open up that third 👁 eye. Use medium pressure.
                        8. Blast 👄 lines by moving the flat or combed edge of your stone side-to-side along the outer edge of your lips. Move quickly & use light pressure.
                          💭 Remember you don’t want to tug or pull the stone across your face. Use a high quality face oil for that effortless slip.
                            💭Hold your stone as flat as possible against your face. The more contact your skin has with the stone the better.
                              💭Use your opposite hand to anchor your movements and keep your skin taut. | Self Care & Style for Women who Balance Career & Motherhood | MAED


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