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i too would be speechless if someone as pretty as lili reinhart showed up at my door

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Riverdale ❤️ Archie's face in these scenes, it makes me wanna cry---- tbh Archie can suck my dick he's an asshole he really hurt Betty

#Riverdale 1x01 "Chapter One: The River's Edge"

"Chapter One: The River's Edge" // he literally lives next door his window faces yours how can you not have seen him at all

Betty Cooper is perfectly imperfect.

betty cooper is so relatable and I honestly feel like that is one of the reasons i enjoy riverdale so much.

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I love Archie for saying that because it shows how much he really does love Jughead

Archie x Betty Riverdale 1x13 #Barchie

Riverdale Whaaaat were you going to say Archie!< she friend zoned real quick and thank god she did because Riverdale don't need no love triangle, if they want to have relationships in the plot then have them with the separate couples ok?

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I love how he seems to drive strength from Betty's positive attitude, and if she gives up, he's lost. Bughead is literally the best TV couple ev-zeez!

Riverdale fanart, lmaooo!! this is so great.

I feel like its more Betty: Eagle One Archie: Been there, done that Jughead: Currently doing that Veronica: If I had to pick a girl Josie: Once in a dream Cheryl: Eagle 2