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It's quite mysterious that me and ShadeofShinon have known each other like. 15 years and even then we don't draw each other.

The wolf

Guides may use the form of an Animal to communicate with you. Animal Guides are powerful messages. When Animal Guides come, listen to your instincts. Observe your totem. Is it land, air, water, or combination of some elements.

Voodoo by on @DeviantArt

Nightmare // male // no mate or pups // he can summons spirits and is slightly insane

Starlessnight (Original) Female Omega, had plenty of trust issues. Lots her last mate, mate to Burntblood, no pups, the darkness and light wolf.

crow male strong smart power to use black magic to corntrol other wolfs powers and to use him self

This young fox is loyal to a tribe of hunters called the crimson marauders. The feather symbolizes potential.