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Helpful lol

OH MY GOD i can't even tell you HOW many times kids have asked for help drawing a soccer ball. and this is 100 x's better than anything i've come up with! Hope this helps with drawing a soccer ball.

Every Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday...

I know it says dance problems, but this also qualifies for colorguard problems. well, at our school anyway.

I do this to every song I hear when I'm listening to my iPod!

Dance Problem Mentally creating a routine to every song you hear [and timing it to under 3 minutes]

Sorry guys but new cleats might be in the opponents future. :/ oh! Those last two!

I got new cleats and they're mercurials << previous pinner and EXACT SAME HERE! This is totally me when I get new cleats soccer

Basketball problems..... Just don't talk to an angry basketball player after a tough loss. I hate it.

Just don't talk to an angry soccer player after a tough loss. I hate it. My boyfriend tries to do this, but he has learned it's better to just hold me after a tough loss than to say anything ;