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Cam, probably...

"Grown up? I suppose I have. Killing things, and almost killing myself, must have changed me some, after all.

ch | addie maeve

I could set the world on fire and call it rain" -Red Queen book quote, that's how powerful I am. Do not test me.

maybe in another life you loved me

Maybe I'll see you in another life and I'll have forgotten all about her and I can learn to love someone else.

"You know who I am, but I don't."

{I am the cloud that blocks the sun. I am the siren that drowns out the screams. I am the endless laughter at your pain. I am the apathy to your misery. I am everything you are afraid you are. I am the HER ;

Eu espero que o meu corpo em decomposição faça mais por esse mundo do que eu fiz.

I hope my decomposing body does more for this world than I did