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I'm just bored to death so I thought of making this I've been sketching a lot on my old notebooks these days Laptop still broken so......ragh.......... Nothing to do but sketch sketch sketch I real...

Storie w/ Steury Drake Steury Drake white and ng Pearson Bun / this is a better Human Fluttershy than the one from Equestria Girls

Bill showed Gideon his future... so he can see the future... so what if he plans on doing something about Stanley's return?

Dang Alex u scary<<< holy crap, he showed Gideon (and us) Gideon faster without anyone even knowing it

"Bubbles" by RizCifra on deviantART

One more quick gap sketch and I'll start back up with uploading commissions. suggested drawing Derpy Hooves in my suggestions journal: [link] If you hav.

Dang  WW2 Equestria still getting to me

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic season 5 crystal war of equestria WWII references