Basement Workshop - If you think about the vast number of basements in the world dedicated to letting people use their creative energy, it’s really quite awe inspiring.

LEGO-Coffee-Shop-Cafe-food-shop-bakery-barista-Custom-Model-NEW (Favorite Friend)

LEGO-Coffee-Shop-Cafe-food-shop-bakery-barista-Custom-Model-NEW (Favorite Kid Fun)

LEGO Furniture: Picnic Bench & Yard Set - custom design [town,collection.table] #LEGO

LEGO Furniture: Picnic Table & Yard Set - w/ Flowers & Fence [home] {PreBuilt}

LEGO Furniture: Picnic Bench & Yard Set - custom design [town,collection.table] #LEGO

~ Lego MOCs City ~ Corner building. Hous in the style of Art Nouveau / Jugenstil mixed with a kind of chalet style, as it is found in many more well to do neighbourhoods in the Netherlands. Windows are dark green, accents are olive green.

oooh, really like the shutters on this and the arch design above the upper story window on the right. Jugendstil Villa by Ѐ ЯОΟ

Everything, yes everything is made of LEGO - Look closely at the kitchen!  TBB cover photo: June 2015

Breakfast including juice, milk, egg, sandwich with butter and "Kalles kaviar" (Swedish speciality) and Kellogg's Sugar Smack cereals with strawberries.