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(feeling everything or nothing at all, but that's another story) Gotta learn to be okay with being misunderstood!

"I could be calm and composed all day long, but the moment it is dark, my mind riots" -Beau Taplin

"What is life about?"     "What are you going to do with your life?"     "What do you want with me?"     T

I am passionate and I am deep and even if I'm misunderstood I am okay with that.

#empower #beautifulwoman #me

Aquarius (she also knows how to spell correctly.) the DEFINITION of an Aquarius woman! All of these Aquarius things are so accurate it's freaks me our!

I think it's a good way to describe the contradiction within the INFJ personality

I am not being selfish. I want you to be healthy mentally, emotionally, physically.