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How to Draw a Cat Portrait By an eHow Contributor A cat portrait is easier to draw than a dog's.

Designing Horse Pencil Drawings - Finishing the Horse Head

For horse pencil drawings, adding the shading to horse head is the last step. Create Sketches step by step - Beginner Horse drawings - Horse Back Riding Tips - Top 5 Training Tips - Career Info

how to draw anime cat picture

I haven't done any anime animals lately so here is one that was suggested by a member. It's on "how to draw a cute anime cat", step by ste .

Saatchi Art Artist: Kellas Campbell; Charcoal 2013 Drawing "Charcoal Pencil Cat"

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Your Guide to Drawing and Sketching Cats: Foundation sketch of the cat

Your Guide to Drawing and Sketching Cats

The grace and elegance of cats make them wonderful subjects to draw and sketch. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of sketching your cat.