Diana artwork                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

A fanArt made by the creator of DIANA (not mine) from League of Legends / LOL Diana Scorn Of The Moon

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There was something in her face--her strikingly dark hair, her deep brown eyes…

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Maleficent re-design by Lee Kent on ArtStation (fantasy art, female demon w/ horns, Disney fan art)

Some of you wanted to see me as my Inquisitor from Dragon Age that I posted yesterday! It was just a quickie and the tattoos didn't turned awful but if I make a tutorial some day I promise I will do it better, and make real elf ears as well

Faerie Eyes by *RGUS on deviantART

Elton John sings: "Blue eyes, baby"s got blue eyes, like deep blue sea on a blue blue day" - Illustration by Deane Whitmore - Board "Art - In the eyes, the beauty".