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The common phrase “ to carry a weight on your shoulders” is more true than you think, shoulders top off any great physique, they are the mu.

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LOW CABLE CROSSOVER - The exercise is fit for the definition of the chest, it involves the outer,the upper centralpart of the muscle and partially the forward part of the deltoid (shoulder).


STANDING DUMBBELLS LATERAL RAISE - The dumbbell lateral raise is an useful workout to strengthen the lateral part of the deltoid. It involves, during the contraction phase, the anterior and rear part of the deltoid, and the traps too as secondary muscles.

Standing Dumbbell Curl Muscle Activation

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DIPS TRICEPS VERSION - It’s a standard exercise for the triceps mass, it involves also the upper partof the chest and the shoulder muscles in order to control the lowering.

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So if you want to know why strengthening your shoulder is a must, and also of the exercises that can keep your shoulders strong, this post has you covered! Go ahead and give a read!

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