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Espirit clothing was very popular during the 1980s because it was THE fashion store at the time. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Looking Back at Esprit, the Socially Conscious Art-Prepster Brand that Defined the '80s

Esprit Kids Sweaters Toscani Photograph Photo 1986 print Ad advertisement in Collectibles, Advertising, Merchandise & Memorabilia, Advertising-Print,

Fashion in the 1980s: Clothing Styles, Trends, Pictures & History

iconic style descended from Hip hop and R&B music that was sky rocketing during the times. Track suits, and matching shoes with brand names were popular during this era.

I need another one of these.

Wow, I had this exact jacket (rainbow jacket with zip-off sleeves)!

1980s prom dresses

prom dresses were epic. LOL the blue one looks a lot like my junior year dress.

Looking back, I can't believe sweaters with patterns like this were popular in the 80's. I guess it is easy to understand knowing that plastic jewelry was also a BIG trend. Boy did we look cheap!!!

I would wear these with stretch pants and matching slouch socks with whatever color Reebok high tops I had.


For those not doing the Madonna street waif look, there were preppy pastels. Very big in the along with floral patterns.

This is an image of Molly Ringwald from the eighties movie, "Pretty in Pink". It's one of my favorite movies, and I find the fashions from it creative and inspiring. Her character in the movie is extremely stylish and unique, as well as super creative and crafty. || Desert Lily Vintage || vintage fashion. sustainable fashion. eco fashion. retro. bold and empowered. 80s

15 Stylish Ways To Channel Your Favorite Fictional Heroines

fashion - Molly Ringwald's (in Pretty in Pink) floral pants (generally brightly colored printed pants) however ringwald normally was used to depict an lower middle class kid who was attempting to fit in with the styles, so the clothes were more toned down

ESPRIT catalogue 1984. Joel Resnicoff Illustrations--had an outfit and a top with similar illos!

ESPRIT catalogue Joel Resnicoff Illustrations--had an outfit and a top with similar illos!