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I was just takin' the rock out for a walk when....

Funny pictures about Pet rocks can be dangerous. Oh, and cool pics about Pet rocks can be dangerous. Also, Pet rocks can be dangerous photos.

Theodd1sout :: Six-Year-Old Self | Tapastic Comics

Lol my 6 year old self would have a lot of questions to ask <<< my 6 year old self would hate me because when I was 6 I hated everyone

Forget the League of Shadows, Batman has joined the League of Eye Shadow, and found it fabulous! From the fertile mind of Anna Stiffler of Chaos Life, here's something you don't know about the Dark Knight: Link - via Pleated Jeans.

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That's me.

"A Real Gamer Would Never Do That." Ticked me off before i even saw the meme XD still doesn't mean girls can't be gamers!that OCD tho!


Elmo is rethinking lunch. <-- oh my gosh.<--- but but but fozzy and kermit and miss piggy are muppets and elmo is in sesame street they arent even in the same universe this is wrooonnnggg

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Everybody gets a meme

Filled. With. Spiders. o.o

This is the most beautiful thing.// this is the reason why i would have trust issues and a major fear of umbrella's<<<< this is the reason society is f'd up. who's gonna help me collect spiders?