I can't wait to see what Rainbow Quartz will look like with Steven and Pearl...

Go Idk how today I ended up doing Fan fusion designs of Steven and Pearl. Gotta add that Opal and Rainbow Quartz are my favs(without counting Garnet)

Resultado de imagen para pearl are also fusion

This is Yellow Jade! A fusion of Yellow Pearl and Yellow Diamond… also known as the death of Yellow Pearl (don’t even try to convince me YD wouldn’t shatter her for this - Pearls are merely servants.

Original Pearl and my version of Pearl by @duvalsandersr #StevenUniverse #DoodleTime

Original Pearl and my version of Pearl by

Dou Hong

This has to happen, sooner rather than later! Pearl and Lapis would complement each other so well, in my opinion _____________ well yea because where do pearls come from?

Amethyst & Jasper

FUSED GLASS (jasper/amethyst)[please do not use my art without my permission and without crediting me. feel free to make fanart tho, but please credit.