Zip Me Up Alternative Scene by julvett

'Zip Me Up Alternative Scene' by julvett This has been thouroughly fixed and is now the actual line in the movie. I have teared up a little because of how perfect and actually in character this is. Good ol' Hinny is my life.


The comics also cover post-Hogwarts events, like James and Lily’s wedding. --> but notice Severus Snape hiding behind a tree in the first picture

Snape's heaven...he's happy now. I still believe Lily made the right choice in James, but I have to admit this is sweet.

Sorry if this is a repost. This was my first time seeing it, and I thought it was sweet. It makes me wonder where the train would have taken Harry, had he chosen to board it.

"Severus Snape Wakes Up" I like to think this was Snape's heaven. This is cute even if the graphics are bad. MY HEART


Just a 2 pg comic strip inspired by and done for the contest over at Took me a ridiculously long time to finish though, esp since I've been so caught up. Snow the Drama


3 of 4 Marauders because the black hair man is god knows who. It is not Snape because all in this photo are wearing Gryffindor ties.

A little controversial for some of my friends but...True?

Very good points. HP wins every time. I don't like HP but I hate twilight even more so HP wins in my book!

Simply Potterific 06 by on @DeviantArt

Simply Potterific 06 by ~ktshy on deviantART [My favorite part about this is the label on Hermione's book.

Just Another Day by nikaworks on deviantART Snape and Lily

Just Another Day by nikaworks on deviantART Snape and Lily << okay I hate snape and lily together, but I really like how this artist draws both characters. They look amazing (and lily looks like how I pictured her reading the books)

AU Lily and Snape by

AU Lily and Snape by julvett on DeviantArt<<<<sorry about the last comic. but I have to say it is still funny haha

Haha Harry Potter humor. Voldemort hugging Draco one of the most awkward and awesome things ever.

why u no hug me?!?

Potterheads forever!

pinning source said: HARRY POTTER FOR LIFE AND INFINITY(we can also make musicals) <- And we can cause such a huge ruckus the powers that be decided to make more movies just to shut us up.

Snape's Feelings by on @deviantART

Haha, okay, this is so wrong. I think Harry perfers Lupin and Hagrid's memoirs, haha. messing around with the idea that Harry was conceived on H.

Harry Potter Anime Fanart

The Harry Potter Cast Reimagined as Anime Characters

Harry Potter - Severus Snape x Lily Evans - Snily << MY FEELS I would so watch a Harry Potter anime which is all about snape and lily/snily