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Citizen AW1360-12H - Reloj de cuarzo para hombre, con correa de cuero, color marrón

Citizen AW1360-12H - Reloj de cuarzo para hombre, con correa de cuero, color marrón

Real Life science experiments and projects that kids can contribute to -- awesome STEM learning!

12 Amazing Citizen Scientist Projects for Kids

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The Esperia Prowler Named after the UPE military designation, the Prowler is a modernized version of the infamous Tevarin boarding craft from the First Tevarin War. With the recent discovery of the lost Tevarin planet in

Simply deleting cookies and other temporary Internet files from within Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome doesn't permanently erase your data. Your files still exist and you are at risk of identity theft.

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We all know someone over 50 –right? There ARE perks to advanced age — senior citizen discounts! Here is the thing: YOU must ASK for your discount to get it! Rarely do people ask if you qualify.

The new Drake Buccaneer

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Star Citizen Cutlass Variants | Sci-Fi futuristic vehicles spaceship spacecraft

Cutlass paint-overs from Jump Point

Trump's size obsession was mildly amusing when he was a private citizen. The man who always had to have the biggest toy. But, as President, his compulsive need to not only have the biggest and the best everything but to shove it in the face of world leaders that he has the biggest and the best everything takes on an entirely different feeling -- one of uneasiness about whether the President of the United States grasps what his size contest obsession means in a world of nuclear weapons.

This would be ridiculously embarrassing in a funny way for America if we weren’t talking about nuclear weapons and the possibility of killing millions or, god forbid, billions of people and life forms.

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Datsun Restored Work Wheels Fender Mirrors New Engine and Trans Full Int for sale: photos, technical specifications, description