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Omg I've seen this before but it got better

At the Disco loves their long song titles<< What are you talking about? Fall Our Boy are the lords of extravagant song titles that no one can remember.

Damn I laughed and then realized what it was saying....

Why is this funny MCR breaking up was not funny<<<crying again

The wound is still fresh, but you have to laugh...

-laughs- -sobs hysterically

My chemical romance lol>>>>>>whoa whoaa. not lol crying is the correct word to be used there

Excuse me. What. Is. This? SOMEONE (preferably Gerard Arthur Way, Frank Anthony Iero, Michael James Way, or Raymond Phoenix Toro,) EXPLAIN.

So shut up and let me accept that so I don't fill myself up with useless hope, okay?

discovered on imgfave.com

This is so sweet c: and people say that they are "bad influences" and promote suicide and self harm =/<<< this made me cry. Like all MCR stuff

this made my day❤️❤️❤️

I died while reading this, and then I showed it to my mom cus she was wondering why I was laughing so hard. She also thinks that girls is a satanist xDD *sigh* they don't understand