BETHS HOME......... Not. CRYING. I'm dead. Bye

Beth Greene's last reunion with Rick and the group in The Atlanta Hospital ◇ REST IN PEACE ~ Beth Greene ■ Season 5 Episode 8

Who the hell actually shot Beth!! It couldn't have been dawn...look at the location of this shot!!

Daryl's Cry Face Was The Most Heartbreaking Part Of The "Walking Dead" Mid-Season Finale

The heavily promoted death in The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale — RIP Beth (Emily Kinney), who died accidentally at the hands of Officer Dawn Lerner (Christine Woods) — was, without question, a major shocker. Daryl's Cry Face Was The Most Heartbreaki


44 Things You Didn’t Know About "The Walking Dead" I already knew almost all of these but still cool :)

"But Daryl, you said there was a dog." ~ I just loved that line. I totally get Beth. ~ The Walking Dead

"But Daryl, you said there was a dog. I totally get Beth. ~ The Walking Dead <<~ BETH IS ME

Zombie wedding cake

How awesome is this Walking Dead wedding cake? Im going to have 2 weding cakes one of the walking dead (this one lol) and one of minecraft


The Walking Dead: 6×09 – No way out*SPOILER*

The pain doesnt go away, you just make room for it. Andrea's words of wisdom.

TWD- -Hershel' s death. :'( The most heartbreaking, traumatic thing I've ever witnessed on a TV show. The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead. I literally screamed when Hershel died