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13 Cómics que definen a la perfección las dificultades de ser adulto

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¡Diversión con los Creepys! - El Osito

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If he saved Rick I think it'd be the best twist in any tv show ever. Butter Robot: "What's my purpose." Rick: "You pass butter." Butter Robot: "Oh God." Rick: "Yeah welcome to the -" Butter Robot: "And save your bitch ass motherfucka!

Watch Rick and Morty kill The Simpsons - Boing Boing

Rick And Morty Kill The Simpsons In This Hilariously Gruesome Couch Gag

I disagree with this 100 percent. Feminists are just people fighting for basic human rights. They are humans not whales. And I know this is not to be taken litteraly but it was the thought in it that disappointed me.

#percyjackson, #pjo, #solangelo, #nicodiangelo, #willsolace I watch Rick And Morty

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#percyjackson, #pjo, #solangelo, #nicodiangelo, #willsolace I watch Rick And Morty

rick is dead<<who the fuck is rick?<<< dont tell me you dont know who rick is<<<Who is rick?

"Kick Japan and awkwardly touch Germany's thigh">>Only pinned it for that.

The hero the universe deserves but not the one it needs like all

The hero the universe deserves but not the one it needs like ever.