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Blonde & Curly Hair / Hazel Eyes / Model: Max Barczak: Ch: Tommick Quintin has always been in under the spotlight, under the lens and under the stars.

El hombre tímido se comunica con la mirada

10 diferencias entre un hombre que es tímido y uno al que no le interesas

Caleb (doesn't really look like him, but he'd definitely fall asleep in flowers and a suit)

l-homme-que-je-suis:  Dominik Sadoch in “Shareef Airstream” Photographed by Kojima Yohei and Styled by Hamuro Yoshio for men’s Fudge Vol.58 ...

l-homme-que-je-suis: “ Dominik Sadoch in “Shareef Airstream” Photographed by Kojima Yohei and Styled by Hamuro Yoshio for men’s Fudge December 2013 ”

miles frank / courfeyrac

Men with curly hair look juvenile yet really sexy! But you should know which hairstyles you should choose, in this post you'll find Haircuts for Men with Curly.

Bad places

Sirius, Remus, James and Peter watching old movies late at night one October evening

fashionloveskarl:Erin Mommsen by Jies Cleodore  …*DEAD*…

funnymalemodels: “fashionloveskarl: “Erin Mommsen by Jies Cleodore ” …*DEAD*… ”