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Watercolour fish tattoo by Marie Melou at Otautahi Tattoo, Auckland. by Danielle 5026

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25 Tatuajes lindos que sólo las chicas que aman el mar merecen tener en su piel

Fishes have a lot of symbolic meanings across the world in different traditions and cultures. Here are some Beautiful and Catchy Fish Tattoo Designs.

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35 Traditional Japanese Koi fish Tattoo Meaning and Designs - True Colors Check…



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Fish Tattoo - These blew my mind. All of the greatest fish tattoos and designs are in one article.

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30 TATUAJES de gatos que a todo amante de los FELINOS les encantarán

Cat tattoos have also caught a great of attention of late as a coveted animal to mark our body with! Here are some amazing cat tattoo designs for women to pick from.