Artist Erik Johansson is skilled in both photography and photo manipulation. He cites Dali, Magritte and Escher among his inspirations.

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Des montages surréalistes et impressionants d'Erik Johansson

Svenska Photoshop-geniet Erik Johansson visar hur han skapat sina häpnadsväckande bilder.

These photographs are so surreal you will hardly believe what you are seeing. This is the surreal photography of Erik Johansson, a professional photographer

Are you looking for fantastic surreal photo manipulations by Erik Johansson? Humans have a tendency that draws them towards them towards surrealism.

What an incredibly meaningful image! How man impacts rural areas with his foreful introduction of infrastructure.   21 Mindbending Pictures That Blend Reality And Fantasy

21 Mindbending Pictures That Blend Reality And Fantasy

“ The Amazing Photomanipulations of Erik Johansson Long Road Snow Cover Fishy Island Revelation Fields ”

logan zillmer, un mundo surrealista

Photographer Logan Zillmer makes his imagination come to life through his surreal photo series of dream worlds.

Incredible digital photo manipulation by Erik Johanssan.  Ted Talk here:

Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Photo Manipulations are always very interesting to watch because - and that's what is important - they give a realistic view of an unreal picture. Erik Johansson, a computer engineering student, from sweden has a sense for good ideas for manipulations.

Hands Illusions

Theses hand paintings are painted by a talented London-based body painter Annie Ralli. Photographed by Ray Massey, these hand illusions are a part of advertis…