Sam: allí / Sam: Esto es un poco apretado. Cas: Daremos mas espacio a Sam. / (Sam: Bien, eso explica mucho). Dean: Conseguiste bastante espacio Sammy?. Sam: Si, Estoy bien. /// Destiel *0*

Sammy: the person who ships it the most. He just doesn't know it but he secretly ships it

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if this show ever ends and it ends with some tragic, dramatic ending, I want them to cling to each other for dear life

Supernatural *0*

AU where Sam and Dean switch bodies. <<HAHAHAHAHAHHAA // At first I thought Dean wanted Sam to his hair and I thought that was really out of his character.

Destiel [GIF] flying balance by DeerAzeen

Dean helping Cas to stretch his recovered wings. omg this had me dying on the floor laughing xD

~ Hiyirii ~ : Foto

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Hunter lesson by ~glaringstar on deviantART. I don't know what to pin this under, so it is just going under my son board

Hunter lesson by ~glaringstar on deviantART>>> I love how Sam is all just friendly helping Cas learn how to research while Dean is super intimate with those gun lessons XD

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Wait do you see how the doctor has a hand on cas's shoulder and he's talking not flirting but dean has a sort of squint and a protective hand on cas's arm clutching him. I love how Sam is just using the Doctor for support just looking at his phone.

Cas, you don't tell him until after he falls back asleep. ;)

Destiel Fanart by Tsuki-Nekota. I've no words for how much I love this hahah <<cas is so serious, like I thought he would be

T-Shirts by VaryuPon #destiel fanart. The he he he he oh man, would love to see this.

T-Shirts by VaryuPon fanart-----Sam ships it so hard. <<<I can't even breathe, I'm laughing so hard!