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Imagination, to Artaud, was reality; he considered dreams, thoughts and delusions as no less real than the "outside" world. To him, reality appeared to be a consensus, the same consensus the audience accepts when they enter a theatre to see a play and, for a time, pretend that what they are seeing is real.

Theatre of Cruelty Artaud believed that theatre should affect the audience as much as possible, therefore he used a mixture of strange an.

keyframedaily:  Antonin Artaud, September 4, 1896 - March 4, 1948.

Antonin Artaud was a French playwright, poet, actor, artist and theater director.

Young Antonin Artaud in character as Gringalet in Le juif Errant by Luitz-Morat, 1926

Antonin Artaud jeune b SD.

Antonin Artaud - he saw Van Gogh's condition to be like Beethovan and the German poet, Holderlin. Their madness was the outcome of the struggle between the creative soul and the status quo of opinion, based on bourgeois philistinism.

Headshot portrait of French theater director, writer, and actor Antonin Artaud

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zynab1929:  Akaji Maro, Butoh master

"I think if you looked at Earth from space, you'd see that the ones who really hold the reins here are not humans, but insects," Akaji Maro, a master of th

Alphonse Daudet: Wood'stown, conte fantastique Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Tales of Mystery and Imagination.The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown

Antonin Artaud: Self portrait

Antonin Artaud (self-portrait) **Sadly, I understand.

Antonin Artaud

Antonin Artaud

fantomas-en-cavale:  Eli Lotar- Antonin Artaud pour le theâtre Alfred Jarry, Paris, vers 1929-1930

etund: “ Antonin Artaud photographed in 1930 by Eli Lotar.

Buster Keaton as Antonin Artaud in Ferenc Molnar’s play Liliom, 1923

Artaud in Molnar´s `Liliom´(via Inner Optics)

Antonin Artaud, French playwright, actor and theorist of the theatre: (September 4, 1896 – 1948) Photo: Man Ray, 1926

Antonin Artaud, French playwright, actor and theorist of the theatre: (September 1896 – - one of the great creative madmen of the C. Photo: Man Ray, 1926 Plus


Antonin Artaud by Man Ray, Paris 1926

"Yo no creo sino en lo que imagino" - Antonin Artaud

"Yo no creo sino en lo que imagino" - Antonin Artaud

antonin artaud

antonin artaud