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Termas da Ferrarias/ Casa de chá/ restaurante.

Termas da Ferrarias/ Casa de chá/ restaurante.

Chi-Chi's Mexican restaurant. One of my favorites. The cancun, and pollo magnifico, miss them so much

Chi-Chi's, the Mexican restaurant chain, may have served its last chimichanga. Outback Steakhouse bought the rights to 76 restaurants in the Chi-Chi's chain and plans to convert them into its own brands.

I can remember when this was a killer burger they were probably about 6 inches tall and the taste was to die for.  Remember the first one I ever ate, Tasted my friends, and finished his and ordered another one. OMG they were good.  Don't understand why they still don't make them like that!

This chubby boy in red and white checkered overalls holding a burger is the mascot for Big Boy Restaurants. The inspiration for this .

Burger Chef restaurants had cool kids' meals

Loved Burger Chef and Jeff. Saturday nights and a bag of Burger Chef burgers.

Biggest hangout for us as teenagers in Swift Current!  Complete with speakers and car hops.

After church we would go to A&W and get a rootbeer float. Dad love their hamburgers and rootbeer floats.

Would love to have the whole set. Especially Bugs, Porky, Wil E., Daffy.

Vintage Pepsi glasses collected all of these when I worked at Taco Time, sadly they have all gone to glasses heaven now

Row of Phone Booths ... my brother and I had more fun in phone booths...he was such a clown...lol

Row of Phone Booths. You were forced into a little booth to talk on the phone.instead of walking in public talking on your phone.