Wil Cormier	"Discovery"

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Mermaid and the moon

This render was inspired by my son who loves moon, starts and mermaids, epsecially the blue ones Thank you for looking *********************************************************** Credits: Br.

Turquoise mermaid, by Carol Phillips

Turquoise Vintage Mermaid Fantasy Art Mermaid Art Print Giclee nude Native American

Turquoise Vintage Native American Mermaid ~ by Carol Phillips.Not crazy about the human aspects but love the idea about the Native American mermaid from what looks like a rainbow trout.

What's more awesome than a mermaid and a unicorn?  The answer is NOTHING.

If I Were a Mermaid and You Were a Unicorn

Sea Princess

Mermaid Fairy Fine Art Print 'Sea Princess' Fantasy Watercolor by Molly Harrison - Beautiful Purple Mermaid - Illustration, Artwork

Adele and her manta rey

I started on that monster girls challenge back in October (you draw a monster girl each day of the month)  Mermaid (based on the bloodfin tetra) , Harpy, slime gi.

The happiest mermaids have lavender hair and lots of fishy friends. <3 This is an 8x10 digital print of an original gouache painting. It is hand

Limited Edition-Lavender Locks