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I am a traditional artist who loves to sketch an anime character ☺ also (I LOVE FAIRY TAIL)!! FACEBOOK ACCOUNT: www.facebook.com/AyuMichi.artw… TUMBLR ACCOUNT: ayumichi-me.tumblr.com/ ...

Natsu and Lucy are friends as kids and he’s much, much shorter than her. The dorky kid had always had a crush on her and he felt his heart beat a .

Foto: Lo traduci!! espero que les guste

Foto: Lo traduci!! espero que les guste

Lol jajajjajajajja


just to make y'all aware, an bust measurement is a 34 B in american measurements. which is not that impressive, and obviously Lucy has large breasts. Whoever made this didn't do their research on a large bust size :P

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'NaLu is canon'⭐ — natsv: Dragon Cry! I hope they are canon!~~~at least if they are not-- ***pulls out styrofoam sword*** MASHIMA!

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The 2003 peter pan was what I believe the best one. It had a great vi… Fanfiction

falling and still having time to take a selfie

Noragami / Nothing to see here. Just three teenagers falling casually from the sky.<<< Don't you just love out-of-context gifs?

Vai lá Naruto kskskksksksks

Vai lá Naruto kskskksksksks