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Eevee Version Need to make ears and tail (a tail that actually stands up!

aww eevee your so cute

This is Mosskit.She died when Bluestar was giving her,Stonekit and Mistykit to Oakheart.

Eevee is awesome the way it is, here is no need to evolve Eevee as in season 1 episode 40 puts it.

Eevee - 133 - A rare Pokémon that adapts to harsh environments by taking on different evolutionary forms. Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions.

So cute!!  | Anime found on Pinterest.

Pokémon - Umbreon was designed to be light in the dark, and this concept art captures it as the viewer can see a glowing yellow with a glossy black. The yellow shapes are so very solid rings but the rest of its body is uneven and graceful in shape.

Cute POKEMON characters as humans

Pokemon Eevee, flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, umbreon and espeon - omg I found it. All the old eeveelutions crossed with humans.