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It’s…Zen: | 28 Pictures That Will Guarantee You'll Finally Die Happy

28 Pictures That Will Guarantee You'll Finally Die Happy


Imagens que irão satisfazer pessoas perfeccionistas

10 Pictures That you will never be out of my mind, especially No. 3 - Likes

Magnificent Origami - The Meta Picture

Magnificent Origami

Funny pictures about Magnificent Origami. Oh, and cool pics about Magnificent Origami. Also, Magnificent Origami photos.

Time Traveler.  Photographer places herself I'm childhood pictures.

Chino Otsuka – Image finding me

1979 & 2006 Kitakamakura, Japan via Chino Otsuka Imagine Finding Me Series Chino Otsuka, photographer, inserts herself digitally in photographs taken of her as a child.

968: Rocco Morabito (Jacksonville Journal): The Kiss of Life  Electric lineman resuscicates injured colleague in Jacksonville 1967

The Kiss of Life by Rocco Morabito. This 1967 award-winning photo entitled "Kiss of Life" shows two power linemen, Randall Champion and J. D. Thompson, at the top of a utility pole.

Put this shit in the MOMA.

23 People Who've Just Done Their Job Beautifully