oh ya! Go Percy! But I still like you as a character Jason. I hate how everyone hates on Jason or Piper. Just STOP.

oh ya! Go Percy! I don't hate Jason or anything, but I still think Percy is waaaayyyyy better.

The best part is that Nico made a pun too...

Puns on the Argo II. So I haven't even read the latest book yet, but seriously. These puns are divine.<< if you think about it, Nico made a pun by saying "you're all DEAD to me"

I love how annabeth and Percy automatically stick together and then piper changes hers after Reyna says the same place as Jason. Meanwhile frank and Hazel are being their cute selves in Disney :)>>>>>>>>leo is in florida too.hazel picked it

RICK RIORDAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>Please?!?! You've already killed most of my favorite characters!

Percy Jackson and Annabeth chase proposal Percy Jackson series books

This is why i hate piper<<<Fuck you very much, Piper is an amazing character. I don’t understand why the fandom hates Piper so much or Reyna or Rachel. They are all fucking great characters and need to be appreciated more!


I don't ship solangelo but I like this as a platonic relationship

oh my gods laughed so hard...thank god I write sober fanfics

oh my gods laughed so hard.thank god I write sober fanfics>>>Yeah, my PJO fanfic is kinda normalish. No smut or weird ships.

Percy be like: I walked through Tartarus and survived with the help of bob

Hercules: *jumps into the river Styx* Percy: "Yeah, I already did that one a while back. Enjoy your swim. Percy: I've been to Tartarus and back Hercules: .

Wow Nico why of all things it just had to be the zombie

Yes, Nico, that is totally the way to get people to calm down. Talk about your French Zombie Chaperone.

Except I feel like Percy wouldn't get all angry like that he would just get really sad and depressed like none of it was real? and start crying and OH MY BABIES

one of many awesome percabeth proposals.<<<<I have thrown an apple at a girl in Greece. Do I hear wedding bells?