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Voltron Legendary Defender Images Reveal the New Team Collider

Voltron Legendary Defender: Paladins by M-Hewitt on DeviantArt

They aren't impressed

In all of these pictures everyone seems to be annoyed by lance except Coran and occasionally hunk

Voltron x Beach by SolKorra on DeviantArt

Lance FREAKING would tho>>>> it was so aesthetically pleasing Up until Lance in a speedo

THIS IS ME!...and I feel like this would be anyone thats scared of spiders

That would be me one time I was weeding and I found a daddy long legs and i smashed it repeatedly with a hedge trimmer

I sketched something. No masterpiece, but I like hugs :)

I sketched something. No masterpiece, but I like hugs :) // HELL I LOVE IT anyway pretty sad :(

Coran: What is this…”selfie” that you speak of? Is this a new Earth culture that we missed out on? Boy! We sure have a LOT to catch up on, Princess Allura!

Pidge: Guys, shouldn't we be on the lookout for Galra battleships? What… >> I relate to Pidge on a spiritual and physical level

thebestlaurenmontgomery: “The time has finally come! Less than an hour away. Watch Voltron: Legendary Defender starting on June Only on Netflix! ” It’s Voltron Day! Out on Netflix now!