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I Can Work With Harry Potter

I Can Work With Harry Potter

The Voice. I like the Harry potter vibe. I can work with Harry Potter. He looks a little like Justin Bieber. Let's go back to Harry potter.

Will Smith is probably my favorite celebrity dad..I want my husband to be just like him ;D

Stage Moms have nothing on the Stage Prince

Funny pictures about Best Embarrassing Dad. Oh, and cool pics about Best Embarrassing Dad. Also, Best Embarrassing Dad photos.

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Funny pictures about Just Jennifer Lawrence. Oh, and cool pics about Just Jennifer Lawrence. Also, Just Jennifer Lawrence.

Warum zum Irrwicht ist das nicht im film?????:

One of my favorite scenes…

Portraits from Hogwarts by PheaVampire on deviantART

Hogwarts portraits >>> oh wow it went in a complete different direction than I expected>>>I was not expecting that

Geek World vs Twilight - Geeks win!!

Fact: Bella Swan is not a role model for girls. and Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress

Jennifer Lawrence:) best actress ever!

Reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence / iFunny :) I love her to death

Percy Jackson x Harry Potter. Do I put it on my Percy Jackson board ... or my Harry Potter Board?

Haha okay that's really funny.even though I hated the lightning thief movie because it was NOTHING like the book (which was awesome)