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Ball gown, 1860, "Elisabeth d'Autriche robe de Bal" (Elisabeth of Austria) nicely shows an elegant lady ready for a gala evening, including silk and lace gown, pearls, fan, gloves, hair, perhaps a bit of cosmetics. Known as Sissi to her family and friends, she was a famous beauty in her day and assassinated at the age of 60 by an anarchist with a sharpened file. by letha

Elisabeth d'Autriche (Sissi) : robe de Bal, 1860 / Elisabeth of Austria, Ball gown, 1860

Romy Schneider (Sissi) Magda Schneider (Duchess Ludovika) Uta Franz (Princess Helene / Nene)

Sissi her mom and sister Sissi ihre Mutter und Schwester

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Empress Elisabeth Of Austria - Romy Schneider as Empress Elisabeth of Austria